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Feel invited to join our Polish for Foreigners course that will take you on a thrilling journey to the mysteries of the Polish language and Polish culture. We will not only assist you on your way through the labyrinth the language may seem, but first of all, will help you move through the labyrinth on your own.

Our teachers are both enthusiastic and professional, love their job and put all their energy and skills in teaching. They will teach you the language you will need in everyday communication in Poland.

The General Polish Course is taught at all levels in small groups of 4 to 10 students.

At request, we issue certificates of course attendance. 

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NEW SEMESTER COURSES start on 16th October

The courses are held once or twice a week in the afternoon or in the evening, at every language level from Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C2). Lessons at Poliglota or on-line. 



2 x 90' (2 x 2 lessons)1 x 135' (1 x 3 lessons)
  • Mon/Wed  16.45-18.15

Monday 18.25-20.40

Wednesday 18.25-20.40


 60 lessons  1800  PLN   

You can pay the price in installments: 4 x 460 PLN



Private courses on a commission basis can be bought both by an individual and a group, price remains unchanged. The schedule of the course is agreed between the client and the school.

165 PLN for 90 min

Minimum number of sessions: 30 x 90 min
price: 4950 PLN

Allows to master the material of one level of language advancement, normally covered by a group during one academic year.


Summer courses 2023: 1st July -21st July

Poliglota organizes intensive holiday language courses Polish for foreigners.

Level A1 and A2 

Classes: every day (Monday to Friday)

Time:  in the afternoon at 17.45 to 20.50.  (17.45-19.15 + 19.20-20.50)

Price: 1800 zł -60 lessons or 600 zl per week  - 20 lessons 

If you pay everything in advance - 240 zl discount. 


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